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My Panic(!) at the Disco sign. I finally finished it, it took me about 12 hours to do across 4 days and turned out better than expected. It’s a little off scale since it was a very spur of the moment project and everything was done free handed without measuring it or using templates. It’s 3D and fully hand painted except for  the flowers and the butterfly, all purchased from Ebay.

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This is true art right here.

Humans are great

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Frnkiero andthe Celebration

New headline shows announced!

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Girls/Girls/Boys (Director’s Cut) x

How do I get this job?

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Ok probably last one frontbottomsing gaygaysgay
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I'm sorry I feel bad asking but what has Brendon done that's regrettable and bad?


Watch The Girls/Girls/Boys director’s cut. It’s basically the regular video but with less emotion, more tattoos, and two girls come in near the end and start making out. half of the bandom is pissed at him for being sexist and biphobic and the other half is really happy with him for because a bisexual rights activist. And a very small percent just kind of muttering to themselves about how many loopholes there are on each side and how everyone is being hypocritical and dumb (me). Honestly, the bandom is too picky and choosy. Sure we’re all really happy that the song is the “bisexual anthem” and is one of the only things in the media that represents bisexual women, but then some people have the nerve to be mad at him for making a video with actual bisexual women in it? How dare he represent the people he was singing about! 

What makes me angry is that people have no problem with objectifying Ryden as a ship that doesn’t exist but then when Brendon has two girls make out, they get extremely angry. You have to choose a side. You can’t say it’s okay for men but not women. Half of the bandom is being incredibly sexist right now. But on another note, Brendon Urie has done some very shitty and horrible things, and shouldn’t always be hailed as a hero. 

Another thing that frustrates me is that Fall Out Boy can make 11 videos that objectify women and Brendon can make one not even official video and people freak out. Again, we can’t just be picky and choosy. You need to decide where to draw the line. 

In conclusion, Brendon Urie has done some awful things, but he’s also done some really wonderful things, and each argument has many many flaws. For the time being, I will say that I don’t believe he’s a horrible biphobic person. I believe the good extremely outweighs the bad, and I think the entire bandom needs to reevaluate their thinking and stop being hypocritical- and I’m saying that to both arguments. 

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Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour Poster Redesign

Nothing Rhymes With Circus Tour Poster Redesign

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Wanna b tumblr friends ?

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